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Milk Kefir


Kefir is a cultured, fermented milk that is homemade by us with fresh cow’s milk.

Kefir improves digestion and restores balance in the gut due to it’s rich probiotic content and is a good source of protein, calcium and potassium.

It can drunk as a beverage, used as the blending liquid in a smoothie, or poured over cereal or oats.  Our personal favourite are kefir in overnight oats or breakfast bowls!

Commonly used in baked goods, soups, dips, or salad dressings. It is absolutely divine when paired with our homegrown Microgreens.

Besides that, it is also a great tenderizer for meat, making your protein into tender, juicy masterpieces. The lactic acid, and the active probiotic cultures break down the proteins, making it softer and easier to digest.

It is truly a healthy, nutritious drink that boost your immune system while adding great value to your diet.

Truly homemade by Malaysians, for Malaysians.

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Stored in TWO 500ml glass bottles


Store in refrigerator upon receipt of purchase


Milk Kefir – 1 LITRE, Milk Kefir – 2 LITRE

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