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Fruit Kefir


Fruit kefir is a probiotic, naturally fizzy, non-alcoholic fermented drink that is known for their gut-loving properties, amping up immunity, slow cancer cell growth and improve overall health.

Fruit kefir is made with all natural ingredients – and it is dairy and gluten free. In return, forming a probiotic beverage rich in beneficial bacteria.

Pick between two of our favourites – BLUEBERRY & POMEGRANATE, or even bring both home! Especially tasty when it is infused with fresh fruits, giving them an extra boost of flavour.

It is delicious, easy to drink and perfect for all ages.

Truly homemade by Malaysians, for Malaysians.

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Stored in TWO or FOUR 500ml glass bottles


Store in refrigerator upon receipt of purchase
Handle with care – do not shake prior to opening bottle due to gas buildup.


Blueberry Fruit Kefir – 1 LITRE, Blueberry Fruit Kefir – 2 LITRE, Pomegranate Fruit Kefir – 1 LITRE, Pomegranate Fruit Kefir – 2 LITRE

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