Witness our growing journey :

Our Microgreens are grown indoors vertically on stacked shelves. We create an environment that is optimal for the growth of our microgreens. 
In doing so, we would like to create the best quality produce.

We are mindful of the wellbeing of our consumers, therefore we do NOT use any pesticides or any artificial fertilizers. We believe that growing vertically promotes a kind of farming that does not rely on large land use. 

By having our farm in the city, we are truly local. We are mindful about reduce carbon emissions by doing our deliveries within our vicinity.

We want to promote the farm to table concept. With our urban farm located in the heart of Damansara Jaya, we deliver to our clients a within 10km radius.

– Truly Local

– Delivered within our vicinity

– Carbon Footprint Reduction

– Minimized logistics 

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