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Microgeens | Grown Locally | Kuala Lumpur

Tiny Greens

Fresh Microgreens grown locally in the heart of Kuala Lumpur

Farm to Table

Delivered live in pots to ensure your 
microgreens stays fresh – longer! 

Pesticide Free

Committed to fresh healthy produce, our microgreens are grown indoors in a safe and clean environment.

Loved by Chefs

100% chef approved! Serving your local cafes, private dining, restaurants, hotels and homes since 2019.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Their quality and consistency is the reason why I love working with their products. Thank you for giving your hearts in educating the community on conserving the global ecosystem through urban farming. I’m excited about what Tiny Greens has to offer in future.

Chef Andrew Yong

Sous Chef - Li Damansara Jaya

I’ve been using local micro greens and herbs from “Tiny greens” since the day they started. As a professional chefs who has been doing a lot of menu creation & ideas,food stylist for videoshoot and photoshoot commercial, “Tiny Greens” product has definately help me in terms of enhancing and elevating the taste and also the appearance of food. Once again support of local product and our local entrepreneurs.

Chef Jason Manson

Owner/Founder - JMFoodconsultant

Having the exact opposite of green fingers, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the wonderful Tiny Greens team, for making our plates look gorgeous and guiding us on the best microgreens to pair with the flavours of our dishes.

Chef Simon Philips

Head Chef - D'Alti Gusti

Edible Flowers

Playing dress up; One dish at a time

Edible Flowers

Dress up your plates with our selection of local edible flowers

We Supply



We are a grow to order farm and seeding begins the day your order is placed. Do expect a delivery time frame between 10-21 days, depending on the type of plant you select. 


Our Microgreens are delivered live in pots to you. This ensures that it stays fresh, maintains its beautiful appearance and rich flavour. 


Microgreens are an eye pleasing addition to your countertops with their bright colours and interesting shapes. You may also conduct live harvesting for your customers as and when you require. The Microgreens are grown with organic practices which allows us to fully harness their maximum potential.


On your first delivery, briefing will be provided to your team on how to care for your Microgreens and its proper storage practices. This helps achieve in-depth flavour and ensures good lifespan from every Microgreen that is delivered to you. 

Let's Meet!

We are happy to bring some samples your way so you can have a personalized experience and discuss how they can be incorporated into your menu. 
Let us know where and when!

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Corporate Gifting

What better gift than the gift of life? 

Customizable grow kits available to fit all needs.

Corporate Gifting

What better gift than the gift of life? 

Customizable grow kits available to fit all needs.

Microgreen Grow Kits sold and counting

About Tiny Greens

We are a trio who has a profound interest in Food and Urban Farming. Founded in 2019 – Tiny Greens directly supplies Microgreens and Edible Flowers to a large number of your favourite F&B establishments in KL and Selangor. 

A true farm to table experience! 

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